We get it. You make compromises in the name of beautiful nails. You spend mucho money making them look pretty. It seems only acrylics and other harsh chemicals help avoid the pain and unsightliness of splits and breaks, not to mention the resulting thin, papery and seemingly disintegrating nails that result. It seems that the only solution is to continue to have the acrylic nails applied. 

We understand that you are probably concerned about regularly breathing in the acrylic chemicals during application, as well as how much is absorbed by the body through the nails. These concerns led us to look for a better alternative. We developed Baby my Nails Deep Conditioning Formula, using fine, natural, ingredients that work a charm. Baby my Nails Deep Conditioning Formula promotes strong and healthy nails, and the recipe is painstakingly researched to yield amazing results.

Follow this regimen if your nails are seriously damaged -

  • Scoop a pea-sized amount from the jar with a clean implement
  • Smear over each nail to divide equally
  • Massage into each nail individually, paying particular attention to the nail bed and cuticle area
  • Apply at night for moderate damage
  • Apply several times during the day and night for serious damage

This intensive, moisturizing regime will replace precious lost oils making your nails strong and attractive again. Please note though, this is a natural shea butter product that smells of - well natural shea butter. We do not use deodorized or refined shea butter because many of the beauty benefits are lost in those processes. Furthermore, the price of the effectiveness of this amazing product is a relatively short life compared to many of our other products, and we advise you to please use the whole jar within 3 months. This should not be difficult because you will LOVE using it. If you think this will be a problem for you though, please choose one of our other amazing products instead.

Net wt. 1oz