Your body is important to us. Our commitment to you is to use only the finest quality, natural ingredients in our products. In making this commitment we know we are not going to appeal to everybody. If you are looking for products that emphasize convenience and appearance over wholesome goodness this website is not for you. We don't add a single ingredient to simply change the look, aroma, or feel of our products. Our ingredients are unadulterated, natural, and will do your body a world of good. What's more, you can actually pronounce the names of them without swallowing a science book!

Here are some examples of what you'll find in our nail products: premium, unrefined, organic, ivory shea butter with a high bioactive fraction; organic, food-grade cocoa butter; and 100% natural, organic beeswax. Sounds delectable doesn't it? Obviously we're not giving away all our secrets, but you can have confidence that these ingredients are representative of the quality of what you'll be putting on your skin when you treat yourself to our products. 

Read the labels of your current products carefully. Do they sound natural to you.............................